Stop dumping your mixed waste!

Stop dumping your mixed waste!

People often don’t bother towards waste segregation; they presume that garbage collection truck is available! What is the need?

The best response for this is just read and imagined the answer for this question;

Why do you store vegetables and fruits separately in your kitchen?

It’s because we all know that vegetables are for cooking purpose while fruits for eating raw, you don’t need to cook it, right?

This goes same with your waste.

When you store your waste separately, you retained its value of durability and reliability.

Example: composting.

When you dispose them together, it becomes difficult to separate and in turn affect the air, water and soil quality. If these materials is breakdown in landfills, groundwater will be polluted which most of us rely on it for drinking purpose.

What are the plus points about SEGREGATION?

  • Create wealth from waste.
  • Prevent landfills.
  • Enable more materials recovery.
  • Compost feed the earth.
  • Prevent groundwater pollution.

How to start waste segregation at home?

Segregating waste at your home is very simple. Just put a separate bin, depending on your waste type and composition.

  1. Blue Bin: Recyclable Waste (packing materials, bottles, plastic wraps, paper etc)
  2. Red Bin: Non-Recyclable Waste (needles, syringes, blades, cotton, bandages etc)
  3. My Green Bin: Biodegradable Waste (vegetables, fruits, egg shells, tea leaves, etc)

At My Green Bin, we offer a microbes (fungal inoculums) that will help your waste to decompose faster and lots easier. This microbe can convert your waste into good quality manure. This manure can enhanced and brighten your garden. The leachate obtained can prevent insects away from your plants.

If you are confuse and wonder! My Green Bin is always there for clearance.

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