Greenrich Groupan ISO 14001:2015 “Effective Environment Management System” and CE Certified Company is into providing end–to–end Eco-friendly Waste Management & Environmental Solutions since 2010 in the brand name of MYGREENBIN. Greenrich products are certified by CII and IGBC as “GREENPRO”, a mark of guarantee that the product is environment friendly throughout its life cycle. Greenrich Group is in this industry of waste management since 2010.

We provide micro solutions where waste is composted at SOURCE to the ever growing problem of waste in cities, thereby making the environment green by encouraging organic farming. The idea of effectively managing waste has been practiced from time, though, has lost participation from people owing to it being a painstaking process. Your organic house waste shall no longer turn into unhygienic, foul smelling, hazardous matter polluting the MOTHER EARTH.

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