5 factors to look out for composting

Are you looking to buy a home composter?

The best way to suggest you is take a look at these 5 factors and decide.

  1. Family members:
  • The first preliminary check before you starts composting.
  • Depending on the members in your family, select a compost bin of ideal type.
  • So that waste generated per day can be composted easily without proximity.
  • For example if there are 3 members in your family 20litre of compost bin is enough while for 4-7 members , 50litre compost bin is advisable.
  • Compost bin are designed generally based on family structure.

2. Space

  • Mostly space is also one of the common factors that are must to consider.
  • A less space is always a better option for composting.
  • For those living in cities a specified compost bin is recommended. Since, there is lack of space.

3. Cost effectiveness

  • The compost bin is of different sizes and thus capital outcome also varies.
  • An ideally designed bin is always a good option in this regard.
  • It’s quite effective and long lasting if plan smartly and accordingly.

4. Easy Maintenance

  • As we all know that in our busy lifestyles, we always want things to be done quickly on time.
  • Thus, Proper deal and execution should be banged on target.
  • A compost bin that takes less time for composting is always a better option for you here. There by not effecting your schedule time.

5. Rich quality compost

  • At last, what most of us expect are good results, right? But this comes right only if you execute and manage your compost in a proper way.
  • The handling procedure and type of technique you are using is always a key that will show the result at last.
  • Good compost always comes from proper technique and management.

From where you will get these five factors for your composting?

  • Considering these 5 factors our teams “My Green Bin” has come out with the initiative to ideally structured a compost bin for our customers based on family sizes, where they won’t require making any specific arrangement for composting. We offer a comprehensive range of FRP bins which are available in different sizes and capacities ranging from 20litre to 12000litre that can collect wet waste from 500grams to multiple tons per day.
  • For customer’s satisfactions we reviewed the bins installed at various locations at regular intervals and maintain track record of the performance of the bins.
  • We offer training to facility managers, maintenance in-charge and house-keeping at various apartments, restaurants, institutions and households etc.
  • My At my green bin, we believe that our waste is our responsibility. We designed our concept to be customer centric, where we offer a necessary action at each step and provide customer’s an economical based type of compost bin.

If you’d like to start composting at home too, visit us @mygreenbin.in

We deliver all across India.

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