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Greenrich grow india private limited has extensive experience in providing Organic Composting Solutions to our Society. More than the commercial viability, the social responsibility urge initiated us to promote it on mass scale.


With My Green bins, composting has become more easier than ever!  Check out our range of bins varying from 25 LTR to 12000 LTR and more, that can meet demands of single family wet waste management to large community such as apartments, resorts, institutions, hospitals etc.

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How It Works?

Organic food waste composting is only possible with the involvement of function-specific microbial community. My Green Bin provides an Aerobic Composting system which functions with Greenrich Microbes that acts as an activator developed with ligno-cellular lytic material. During food waste composting, these microorganisms would break down the food waste into smaller particles before composting. The microbial community structure is crucial in determining the compost maturity as it will modify and evolve during the composting process.

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Key Benefits

Family Composting

  • Ideal for Home Composting for Family of 3 – 15 members.
  • We have 4 models in this segment
  • 2 models in FRP of capacity 50 ltrs, 120 ltrs
  • 2 model in PP of capacity 25 ltrs & 50 Ltrs
  • One set of Composter will digest 1 ltr – 6 ltr of waste per day


Community Composting

  • Ideal for Community composting for families of 15 - 100 Families.
  • We have 6 models in this segment all in FRP of capacity
  • 250 ltrs, 400 ltrs, 600 ltrs, 800 ltrs , 1000 ltrs & 2000 ltrs
  • One set of Composter will digest 20 ltr – 200 ltr of waste per day


Community Composting

  • Ideal for bulk composting for families of 250 - 1000 Families and more.
  • We have Modular Models in this segment all in combination of FRP and Steel of capacities 3000 ltrs, 5000 ltrs, 7000 ltrs, 9000 ltrs, 12000 ltrs expandable to
  • Customized size with increase of modules of 2000 ltrs.
  • One set of Composter will digest 300 ltr – 1 Ton of waste per day with increase in 200 ltrs waste handling per day for every module.


MY GREEN COMPOSTER works on a dual composter concept. The composter requirement will vary depending on the density of the waste.

The quantity of waste to be added in the My Green Composter per day should be as specified in the chart. If more waste is added, the compression due to its weight will convert the waste into anaerobic condition and increase the composting time. The character of waste that goes inside the composter decides the output.

Wet waste added into the composter has to be uniformly leveled, over which the microbes has to be added in such a way that the complete waste is covered by the microbes. Exposed waste will emit smell, attracting insects that lay eggs which will hatch out and form maggots.


  • Spread 1 inch layer of My Green Microbes at the bottom of the composter. Vegetable peels & Fruit waste has to be chopped to small pieces and added to the Composter for upto 3” to 4” height. If the waste are added as big chunks the Microbes will not act at its full strength and maggots may be generated.
  • The leftover food in the plastic bags should not be thrown directly into the composter. Only the leftover food has to be added & the plastic bag has to be removed compulsorily.
  • Do not add any liquid items in the composter.
  • The dry leaves from the garden can be added only after adding microbes above the waste only.
  • Spread ½ inch of microbes above the waste, necessary to cover the waste totally.
  • Now again add 4” of waste and add ½ inch of microbes regularly till the composter is filled (approx. 25-30 days). In the bigger composters for every 2” waste deposited, one layer of microbes has to be added may be ¼ “thickness.
  • Once you start using the My Green composter, every two days the liquid stored in the lower chamber should be removed and discarded, till the liquid turns into dark leachate and this leachate or Bio booster can be stored and used as organic fertilizer.
  • The bio composter is designed to collect Bio booster separately. This can be diluted with water @ 1:10 ratio and sprayed on to plants acts as bio booster and pest repellent.
  • Once the first composter is full, it has to be closed & kept undisturbed for 15 days. On the 16th day remove the top dry layer (around 10-12 inches) into the empty microbes bag where further composting happens. Remove any unwanted wastes like plastics and other non degradable stuff and keep the bag aside where further composting of the wet waste happens in the bag. Repeat this every alternate day. By the next 10-15 day the whole compost can be transferred into the bags emptying the composter for the next cycle.
  • Repeat the above process in the second MY GREEN COMPOSTER. By the time second composter is full, the first composter will be composted and become rich organic manure and can be used as potting soil instead of conventional soil and you can cultivate your own organic vegetables.
  • It is advisable to have one person who will be in charge of the My Green Composter operations.

What you get from My Green Composter?

1. Bio Booster (Organic Liquid Fertilizer)

During the process every two days we will get an organic liquid, Bio booster. It is a Natural Organic Pesticide for the plants. 100 ml of bio booster can be added to 1 litre of water and can be sprayed on the plants and trees which acts as a natural organic booster. The Bio booster has been certified as organic fertilizer by SGS.

  • Bio Booster prevents procurement of any chemical fertilizers and insecticide which is hazardous to the nature and to the Environment.
  • Reduces Global warming and prevents emission of Greenhouse gases.
  • Bio Booster when sprayed on the leaves increases the amount of nutrients available to the plant, and speeds the breakdown of toxins.
  • It maintains the chlorophyll on the leaves
  • It reduces withering of leaves and the greenery is maintained
  • Better plant growth in the form of better tasting vegetables, bigger blossoms and greener leaves.
  • Plenty of nutrients for the plants that are easily absorbed straight through the plant roots.
  • Provides an all-natural alternative to harsh chemical composts that cause harm to native plants, animals and human life.


2. Compost / Manure / Organic Fertilizer

Once the composting process is complete the waste gets converted into Rich Organic Manure- an organic planting medium that can replace soil in gardening.A better substitute for potting mixtures based on soil & carbon negative fossil fungus-peat moss.It is ideal for germination and propagation of all crops.Excellent acclimatizing media for tissue culture saplings, and good grow media for lawn-can be used in FARMLANDS, NURSERIES, INDOORS, BALCONIES, TERRACE and KITCHEN GARDENING. In the first year, the process will yield 7 cycles of compost and from the 2nd year onwards 8 cycles of compost will be generated.

Shredders, pre-composters, sievers, and incinerators are essential components in the waste management process, each playing a distinct role in handling and reducing various types of waste. Shredders are designed to break down large items into smaller pieces, facilitating easier processing and disposal. Pre-composters accelerate the decomposition of organic matter, turning it into valuable compost that can be used for soil enrichment. Sievers help in separating different materials, ensuring that recyclable items are efficiently identified and diverted from the waste stream. Incinerators, on the other hand, utilize controlled combustion to reduce the volume of waste and minimize its environmental impact. Together, these technologies contribute to a more sustainable and efficient waste management system, promoting resource recovery and minimizing the environmental footprint of waste disposal.

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