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Why should I use microbes instead of natural composting?

• Rapid/Accelerated Composting Method.
• Normal composting time is 100 t0 180 days.
• Introduction of effective/sustainable microorganism for an efficient degradation.
• Consists of suitable minerals, fertilizers, and microbial cultures both fungal and bacteria

How to use microbes?

• Spread 1 cm layer of Greenrich Microbes at the bottom.
• Add 3 inches of waste to the bin.
• Spread Greenrich Microbes evenly on the top
• Repeat the process till the bin fills up in approximate 30 days.
• Check & drain the leachate every 3rd day from the tap provided in the bottom tank.
• Note: Leachate can be used as a Bio-booster. It can be mixed with water in ratio 1:10 and used on plants.

What are the advantages of Greenrich microbes over other microbes?

• Completely organic.
• Chemical Free.
• Specially selected microbes.

Any Safety Measures to be considered?

• Wash hands after use.
• Can use it bare hands.
• Expires nine months from date of purchase.
• Keep/store it in a cool dry place.

What is Grow Booster?

Grow booster is a liquid plant growth enhancer that helps in plant growth without any diseases and gives good product yield.

What types of plants can be used?

It can be applied to all flowering plants, decorative plants, vegetable plants and also agricultural lands.

How to use Grow Booster?

• Mix Grow Booster and water in the ratio of 1:30 and can be sprayed on leaves and stem of the plants.
• For a standard 100 ml bottle, mix it with 3 liters of water.
• Use it 15 days once.

What are the advantages of Grow Booster?

• Catalyzes chlorophyll and photosynthesis process.
• Contains specially developed micro-organism at our in house laboratory.
• Excellent source of micro and macro nutrients, and Trace minerals.
• Helps to fix atmospheric nitrogen.
• Helps to absorb nutrient.
• Good plant growth and yield (vegetables & fruits)
• No added chemicals & preservatives.

Any Safety Measures to be considered?

• Use Gloves.
• Wash hands after use.
• Expires in six months from date of purchase.
• Keep/store it in a cool dry place.
• Keep it out of children’s reach.

Will there be any foul smell?

The liquid at its concentrated form emits a mild foul smell but disappears when it is mixed with water.

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