GRM 20 – 20 Ltr Greenrich Microbes for Wet Waste

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Introducing GRM 20 – 20 Ltr Microbes for Composting! These tiny organisms work wonders in turning your waste into rich, nutrient-packed soil for your plants.

Say goodbye to the hassle of churning or rotating your compost because these microbes do all the work for you.

These special microbes, also known as FungaI Innoculum, play crucial roles in maintaining water balance, recycling nutrients, and keeping diseases at bay. They’re like nature’s clean-up crew, breaking down tough organic matter into forms that other creatures can easily munch on.

Plus, they help improve soil structure by sticking soil particles together, which means better water absorption and retention for your plants. With GRM 20 – 20 Ltr Microbes, composting becomes a breeze, and your garden will thank you for it!

Product Description:

  • Greenrich Microbes is a Prime Composting Agent and it is mandatory to use them for effective composting.
  • The Greenrich Microbes / Fungal Inoculum is an aerobic composting agent developed from Lignocellulolytic Organisms.
  • The microbes aerobically convert the organic waste like Food waste, Fruit Waste, Non-Veg Waste, Shredded Branches, Twigs, Banana Stems, Garden Waste, Flower Waste, Withered Leaves, Green Leaves, etc to a humus-like substance with a guaranteed reduction in waste upto 40%.
  • The advantage is that no churning or rotation process is involved. No ELECTRICAL or MECHANICAL energy needed, as it is a natural process.
  • The wet waste is sandwiched between spongy matrixes, ‘The Microbes’ that can absorb moisture. The matrix also adsorbs stench and obnoxious gases and provides for the aerobic condition.
  • In this process, no Methane or any other Obnoxious gases are produced in the oxidizing environment.
  • The conversion happens when the microbes / fungal inoculum feeds on the waste materials and forms Mycelium that helps in the breaking down and reduction process.
  • The byproducts, compost tea and nutritious organic manure have unique characteristics that can be used as biobooster and Organic Manure.
  • The high organic carbon content and biological activity of Mygreenbin compost is highly effective for applications such as erosion control and revegetation.


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