GRM 10 – 10 Ltr Greenrich Microbes for Wet Waste

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Introducing GRM 10 – 10 Liter Compost Microbes for Wet Waste! This special blend of fungi and microbes helps break down your kitchen and garden waste into rich, organic soil and fertilizer without the need for constant turning or mixing.

Here’s how it works: The fungi and microbes in our blend, also known as Fungal Inoculum, work tirelessly to break down your waste materials using air. This process creates a nutrient-rich planting mix and natural fertilizer.

The best part? You don’t need to spend hours churning or rotating your compost pile. Our compost microbes do the hard work for you, saving you time and effort.

These little helpers also play a crucial role in soil health. They improve water absorption, nutrient recycling, and even help prevent diseases in your plants. By breaking down tough organic matter, they make it easier for other organisms to benefit from it.

In simple terms, our compost microbes transform your kitchen and garden scraps into valuable resources for your plants, all while making your gardening routine easier and more efficient.

Product Description:

  • Greenrich Microbes is an essential composting agent that must be used for effective composting.
  • It’s made from Lignocellulolytic Organisms, ensuring aerobic composting.
  • These microbes transform various organic wastes like food scraps, fruit peels, non-vegetarian leftovers, shredded branches, twigs, banana stems, garden and flower waste, and leaves into a humus-like substance, reducing waste volume by up to 40%.
  • No manual churning or rotating is required, and it doesn’t need any electrical or mechanical energy since it’s a natural process.
  • The wet waste is surrounded by spongy matrices, or “The Microbes,” which absorb moisture and odors, creating an ideal aerobic environment.
  • This process prevents the production of methane or other harmful gases, maintaining an oxidizing environment.
  • Microbes feed on the waste, forming Mycelium, which aids in decomposition and reduction.
  • The resulting compost tea and organic manure are rich in nutrients and can serve as bioboosters and organic fertilizers.
  • MyGreenBin compost, with its high organic carbon content and biological activity, is particularly effective for erosion control and revegetation applications.


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