1 Cum Capacity – Leaf Composter (Mesh Type)


  • Greenrich Leaf Composter – 1 Cu m Capacity (25 – 30 Ltr of Leaf waste per day)
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  • Composting leaves is a terrific way to recycle and create a nutrient rich garden soil amendment at
    the same time. The benefits of leaf compost are numerous. The compost increases the porosity
    of the soil, raises the fertility, diminishes the strain on landfills, and creates a living “blanket” over
    your plants.Benefits:Composting leaves makes a dark, rich, earthy, organic matter that can be used like soil.It adds nutrients to the garden soil and it helps enhance the tilth and loosen compacted
    earth.Compost retains moisture and repels weeds when used as a top dressing or mulch.By composting the leaves, it prevents from Water & Drainage Clogging

    • The bigger leaves and twigs to be shredded and deposited inside the Leaf composter.
    • 1 Ltr of Greenrich Organic Microbes can be diluted with 100 ltrs of water and sprayed on
    the crushed leaves.
    • Add 4” of dry leaf into the composter and spray Greenrich Organic Microbes until the leaf
    get drenched.
    • Repeat the process according to the Leaf waste collected
    • From the 30th day the composted leaves can be removed from the bottom


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