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Stop Dumping Waste – Clean India Green India

Avoid Landfill
  • One of the major problems that’s on rise in most of the urban cities is managing urban waste. An urban Indian citizen generates nearly 700 grams of solid waste per person per day that is nearly 250 kg in a year and around 60 per cent of it is made up of organic matter.
  • The precious wet waste that can potentially become black gold, remains unusable junk inside our landfills and in addition it releases harmful toxin gases due to anaerobic decomposition.
  • By mixing this organic waste with the recyclable waste (paper, plastic, metal), we make even the recyclable waste less recoverable.
  • The key to a clean, garbage free city lies in citizens who take up the responsibilities of source segregation and composting.
  • So let’s get started with composting at home to do our part towards reducing the piling up of landfills that can be accomplished in very easy and simple steps.
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