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GRI 500 – Disposal Incinerator with Scrubber – Diesel Operated


Greenrich NATUREMATE Disposal Incinerators are formulated with advanced technology available in an economically feasible and environment-friendly medical waste, instead of discharging it in a landfill- thereby protecting MOTHER NATURE.


Size: 2000 X 2000 X 2250
Capacity: 3000 Masks per hr 
Watts: 20 kw


Elegantly designed
Instant disposal in scientific and hygienic way
Sheet metal body, powder coated
Electrically Operated / Diesel Operated
Front opening door for easy operation
Destroys at 600 C to 750 C
Ash collected in bottom and manually removed
Premium Ceramic insulation for heat retention Digital temperature controls
Made with branded raw materials under strict supervision of highly qualified and experienced professionals and Technicians

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Disposal of used Sanitary Napkins, Baby Diapers, Household medical waste is a very common problem faced by women. They are either packed in plastic bags and dropped in dustbins or flushed into the drain which creates sanitation problems. The major issue affecting our country is the lack of appropriate hygienic disposal of HAZARDOUS WASTE.

As a small initiative & commitment towards the nation, we can change the society and turn to nature, by creating awareness and proper disposal of the waste in a hygienic way without dumping them in LANDFILLS.


Municipality Disposable Yards
Shopping Malls
Railways & Bus Stations
Hotels & Restaurants
Schools, Colleges and Offices


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