CB 40 – 50 ltr


  • Ideal for home composting for family of 4 to 5 members.
  • Aesthetically designed, functionally designed to compost all your kitchen and food waste.
  • Hassle free, easy to use , easy to maintain and easy to convert your organic waste to organic manure.
  • One set of bin will digest 0.5 kg of waste per day and 20 -25 kgs per month, and 240 kgs to 300 kgs  annually.
  • Each bin size is 1’4”x1’4”x2’0”.

Rs.2950 + Rs.354 (12% GST)


Products that will be added:

  • MB 001 – 10 ltr / Bag


  • One ton of waste composted saves 81 cubic feet of Landfill, eliminates approximately 5000 gallons of methane a greenhouse gas, Helps retain 1100 liters of water per acre as compost and reduces need for chemical fertilizers, generates about 250 kgs of nutrient rich compost and 40 liters of compost tea.
  • Can be kept in open spaces, below stairs, terraces or open balconies.
  • One set of bin will require 1/2 bags of My Green Composter per month.
  • Our products come with 100% quality assurance.
  • We provide 3 year warranty against any defects in manufacturing and parts replacement.
  • Our Green Co-Ordinator will visit your place on booking the service calls for any queries.