Greenrich Grow India Private Ltd is a waste management social enterprise that is moving India’s solid waste sector to models that are simultaneously environmentally and financially sustainable. We offer professional waste management and processing services to households, Community composting for Residential apartments and Institutional clients  like Schools, Colleges, Offices, Hotels, Restaurents,Canteens , Factories etc.,

  • Reduces Waste at SOURCE upto 80%
  • It converts all the kitchen and food waste into good compost inside the kitchen without any smell, and gives good quality compost useful for Organic Garden,
  • Very Economical, hassle free, easy to use, with a Minimal recurring cost,
  • No electrical or Mechanical energy required.
  • Makes the citizen aware of their duties and Social Responsibilities,
  • Converts Food waste, Fruit waste, Flowers, Tea powder, Fish bones ,Prawn , Egg shells in to compost.
  • Comparatively Very Lesser in Cost and Best in efficiency than any other method of composting and re-utilizing the waste management
  • MY GREEN BIN provides a Soilless Planting Media and Compost Tea – a bio fluid.
  • Soilless planting media is a good organic manure and planting can be done directly.
  • Compost Tea  is a Natural Organic Pesticide, Bio Booster for the Plants and the trees.
  • This Compost Tea of 20 ml can be added to 1 Liter of water which has to be Sprayed on the Plants and Trees which gives acts as natural organic booster.
  • Prevents procurement of any chemical fertilizers and insecticide which is hazardous to the nature and to the Environment.
  • Reduces Global warming and prevents emission of Greenhouse gases.

We offer 2 tailor made solutions depending on the quantity of waste produced as per the size of the family.

FB 001 – for family of 4

FB 002 – for family of 8

CB 003 – 300 Lts – From 8 to 12 families

CB 004 –  600 Lts –  Upto 30 families

CB 005 –  800 Lts – 40 families and above.

The institutional bin is designed for huge quantities of kitchen and food waste and is custom made as per the requirement. Ideal for Colleges, Schools, Canteens, Offices, Hotels, Canteens and Factories.

IB 006  – 800 Lts

IB 007  –  1200 Lts

What is special about my green bin?

MY GREEN BIN is the simplest and user friendly methods for digesting all the kitchen ‘akka’ organic waste at source. It is the micro level solution, by which all the organic waste produced in the houses, apartments, factory canteens, institutional canteens and hotel will be converted into nutrient rich organic manure.

What is special about the manure produced in the MY GREEN BIN?

The manure produced from my green bin is very rich organic manure. It can also be replaced for red soil as a planting media to grow plants.

How long it will take to compost my kitchen waste in MY GREEN BIN?

There are two separate compartments in my green bin. In the upper chamber solid manure will be collected. From family bin, solid manure can be scooped out from top. In community and institutional bin additional circular door is provided for removal of planting media. From the tower chamber digital manure compost tea be removed through  a tap.

How many bins we require?

It is a duel bin concept. After the 1st bin get filled up next bin has to be used. After 40 days we can empty the 1st bin content and can be reused for next cycle. The compost can be put on to any plants to nourish or can be used to plant new samplings.

What I will do with the excess compost as we are going to do it for life?

The specialty of the compost made from my green composting bin will never get accumulated as every day the quantity of the compost will be reduced. So any amount of compost generated will be disappeared over a period of time.

Where this compost is getting disappeared?

The composting process is done by the micro organisms. This micro organisms will do its work on a particular condition. my green bin is creating that condition and the micro organisms act on the waste materials and turns all the waste into compost tea.

What is compost tea and what we can do with compost tea?

Compost tea is the leachate generated while composting happens. This compost tea is a good plant nutrient as well a good pest repellent. Compost tea diluted and used as foliage spray will keep the plant healthy. So it is very good health tonic for the plants.

Is there any stench created in the process?

There is no smell in the system. Smell will be created only when unwanted materials are put into the bin. The compost and liquid manure have an earthy smell to it. Again, we would like to reinforce the importance of keeping the do’s and don’ts in mind while adding the organic waste. What you put in MY GREEN BIN, is what you harvest.

What type of waste can be put into MY GREEN BIN?

All kitchen waste, fruit waste, flower waste and garden waste can be put into the bin. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods can be put.

What to avoid in MY GREEN BIN?

The main thing to avoid inmy green bin is liquid items. Like sambar or rasam. We have to drain out the water content in the sambar and put only the solid things. hard shell of the coconut to be avoided. Egg shell has to be cursed with the hand before putting into the system. Avoid deceased plant of fruit waste, spoiled Spicy gravies, Plastics, medical waste, toxic waste, sanitary napkins. Avoid large chunks of food or kitchen waste, but can be broken into small portions & the added. For institutional bin usage of shredder is recommended.

Why liquids to be avoided in MY GREEN BIN?

The microbes will not thrive in too wet and too dry condition.  Lot of liquid is created on composting.  Extra water put on the bin will create stench on the systems.

When the compost tea can be taken outofMY GREEN BIN?

After 15 to 20 days the compost tea start coming. So every week after 20 days we have to take out the compost tea.

How much waste can be composted with MY GREEN BIN?

MY GREEN BIN have different sizes as per the customer’s requirement.  We provide waste management solutions up to 1500kgs per day.

How to maintain MY GREEN BIN healthy?

Ensure daily not more than 3” of waste is added per day in family bin and 4” of waste added per day in community of institutional bin spread the waste evenly and do not forget to add MY GREEN composter as specified. Ensure only bio-degradable waste as specified goes into the bin. For Institutional bins usage of shredder is recommended.

Composting is a natural recycling. In this process of aerobic decomposition. During this process composting bugs may occur. Don’t panic…The presence of these composting bugs aids good composting as long as they are under control. Some common issues are

Maggots in MY GREEN BIN

Don’t panic.,Maggots or compost dwelling soldiers fly larve, breed in compost bin because they thrive in nitrogen rich products of decaying process that procedure good compost fertilizers.Maggots are harmless and even help in composting process by breaking down the organic materials. They hatch into flies that deposit beneficial bacteria in the bin. If the bin is near your home or you are repulsed by the sight of maggots, you can get rid of them and make sure flies do not lay eggs in your bin by covering the top layer of compost by dried leaves or grass and or shredded newspaper or cover with a sheet of newspaper.

White Fungus in MY GREEN BIN

This shows that everything is right and the composting is proceeding well. You are going to get excellent compost.

MY GREEN BIN is wet and smelly

If the waste got compacted heavily, this will happen. Add more composter and slightly stir the contents and add more composter.


Use Boric acid and Cinamon powder in and around the bin.

Fruit flies in MY GREEN BIN

Cover it with a sheet of paper.

Additional Precautions

# Keep the lid open for 15 min during day time ,

# Remove the compost tea from the 15th day., or else the compost tea in the lower chamber will raise to upper chamber and may come out and increase the moisture content which will hinder composting process.