About Us

“More than half of what we carelessly throw into the trash is organic matter, which if composted can produce rich top soil for our plants.”
-The Hindu, August 13, 2013.

The idea of effectively managing waste has been practiced from time immemorial, though, has lost participation from people owing to it being a painstaking process. Your organic house waste shall no longer turn into unhygienic, foul smelling, hazardous matter polluting the MOTHER EARTH. Greenrich Grow India private limited has come up with a unique solution to this by formulating a organic composting bin that enables users to convert the organic waste into extremely effective bio-fertilizers.

Formulated and initiated by leading Architect, Project management consultant and Landscaping artist, Greenrich Grow India private limited  is a pioneer in bringing both residential and commercial waste management organic composters into the Indian market. Focusing more on aesthetics and efficiency for residential complexes and commercial establishments, the company creates a niche for itself in the wet waste management domain.We provide micro solutions where waste is composted at SOURCE  to the ever growing problem of waste in cities, thereby making the environment green.



To change peoples lives by providing sustainable waste management solutions in cleaning.Indian cities towns and villages.


Make a Clean & Green India: By creating Wealth from Waste


Delivering value added products inspired by society, protecting our environment and commitment to create a green society.


To take honest and ethical steps along with the public of the nation to protect the eco -system.